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On this website, you can learn various tricks and tips that will save you time when using Tekla Structures BIM Software. You can also find some applications useful in civil engineering work. Hi, I am Dawid Dyrcz, a civil engineer and programmer, and this is my website!

I would like to introduce to you my program ExcelBOMComparer – program for every steel designer and Tekla Structures user. This program compares two bill of materials from different revisions and marks result in excel files using yellow and red colours. It can save a lot of time.

What is the ExcelBOMComparer program for?

ExcelBOMComparer is used to compare Bill of Materials for steel structures that are contained in Excel worksheets. The program checks two bills of materials that come from different project revisions and compares them using item numbers (part positions). This comparisions if fully automated and can save a lot of time. The element number from the newer list is searched for in the older list, and only when it is found, the whole row of the newer list is compared with the row of the older list. Such a comparison recognizes whether a given item has been modified, deleted or added to the list.

The comparison results are saved to a new Excel sheet. Rows with changed elements are marked in yellow and changed values are marked in red. The old values are copied to each changed row to check if the comparison is correct. For each line that is changed, a comment is written to indicate what has changed. The list of deleted items appears at the end of the list. Results are avaiable in one minute!!

Download for free:


You can test this program for free using 30 days trial license. Download program and click “License settings” button and then “Start trial license”

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Main window of the program:

How to start trial license:


Bellow is an example of compared table:

Example of comments:

Example list of deleted positions:

Full size example:

Please note that the program compares raw data from Excel tables. The program does not know what these data mean – it does not know that something is the name of the material, the name of the section’s cross section, the mass or the name of the element. Before starting the comparison, remove all data that you do not want to compare, otherwise the program may mark it as changed. You should also remove the comments after the previous compare operation, as the program may consider them to be old item data and mark them as changed values.

The item number is the key by which the program searches for data in the old sheet. This key must not be repeated on lists (Bills of Materials, Single-Item Lists, Assembly Lists, Shipping Item Lists, Drawing Lists, etc.). Before comparing lists, enter the column number of the table where the key is located. Incorrectly given column number causes incorrect comparison results.

The key can be the drawing number (if it is unique) then we can compare lists of drawings.

See video tutorial:

Download examples:

Here are example excel bills of material after comparision with older version:

Download for free:



  1. Can I test this program before I buy?
    Yes, you can test this program for 30 days. All you need to do is start trial license after download.
  2. Can I test this program with network license key and DDBIM License Manager?
    Sure. Write to me support@ddbim.pl. I can send to you network license key to test this program.
  3. Is there any mannual?
    Yes, you can download mannual from links bellow:
    Another place where you can find mannual is the “Help” folder in program folder.
  4. I love this program! Where can I buy license for this program?
    Here is the link to my shop where you can buy license key:
  5. I have a question! How can I contact with author?
    You can contact with the author (with me) by e-mail:

Download for free:

You can download this progam using link bellow:


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