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On this website, you can learn various tricks and tips that will save you time when using Tekla Structures BIM Software. You can also find some applications useful in civil engineering work. Hi, I am Dawid Dyrcz, a civil engineer and programmer, and this is my website!


I am Dawid Dyrcz and I am a civil engineer from Poland. I am a BIM enthusiast, user of the Tekla Structures and programmer. In my work I make 3d models and documentation using Tekla Structures. I have 6 years experience in creating 3d models and 2d documentation. In free time I develop Tekla Structures plugins using c# programing language.  On this website you can learn tricks and tips and download my applications.

You can contact me using emails:

Here is my Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawid-dyrcz-44725514b/

and Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/dawid.dyrcz/

and my Youtube Channel (please subscribe):  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5wK6PzSDqxXxv5Vc0CppSg

You can also ask me a questions because i like to help people. If you need to develop tekla structures plugins you can also contact me.

Why am I writing this webpage?

I like to teach so i decided to share my knowledge on this website. You can learn variuos tricks and tips for free. I also creates few free tekla structures plugins:

Conceptual Component Converter (free):

Filtering Tool (free):

Drawing Numbering Tool (free):

Railing Dimensioning Plugin (free for 30 days):

One of the most powerful application I developed is the Railing Dimensioning plugin. I remember when I was an intern I had to make hundreds of railing drawings. This work was booring so I decided to learn programing and automate this booring work. Now I share this program with you!



Current work:

All my program can be tested for free using trial license. After trial license expiration please contact me, I can make a special offer for you and your company. You can also buy license using my website shop, beacause it take only 10 minutes to obtain a license key and start automation! Time is money!

I am currently developing component for platform grattings. I want to create easy to use plugin with direct modification handles:

Past work:

Some time ago I developed a complex system for industrial handrails. I plan to publish it this year. If you want to know more about it please sign in to my newsletter:

And more, more macros which automates work. To be up to date please subscribe to my newsletter.




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3 years ago

Chciałem zapytac czy istnialaby mozliwosc skompilowania makra “Drawing numbering tool” do wersji Tekli 2019 i wyższych?

2 years ago

Can you tell me how to add part mark in drawing by tekla open api?